Application of microwave assisted extraction in extracting Torbangun leaves (Coleus ambonicus, L.) and its effects on polyphenol and flavonoids content

Yusuf Hendrawan, Niken Dieni Pramesi, Muchnuria Rachmawati, Bambang Susilo, Yusuf Wibisono, Shinta Rosalia Dewi, Ni'matul Izza


Torbangun leaves (Coleus ambonicus, L.) contain polyphenol compounds, flavonoids and antioxidant compounds that can be obtained by extraction methods. However, with the conventional extraction method it has the disadvantage of long extraction time and requires a lot of solvents. Therefore, this study discusses the use of microwave assisted extraction (MAE) method to extract the leaves of Torbangun. This study uses two treatment factors on MAE i.e. power variations (100, 180 and 300 Watts) and extraction time (1, 2 and 3 minutes). This study aims to analyze the effect of MAE on the content of polyphenol compounds and flavonoids in the extraction process of Torbangun leaf. The results showed that the highest total phenol (4196.59 mg GAE/g extract) was found in the treatment of 300 watt of power with extraction time of 3-minutes with IC50 value of 9.89 mg/ml. The highest total flavonoid value was 300 watt of power with 1-minute extraction time which was 4.54 mg QE/g DW.


Flavonoids; Microwave Assisted Extraction; Polyphenols; Torbangun Leaves

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