Supplementation of snake-head fish bone powder for making cookies

Abu B. Talawi, Almerdian Almerdian, Andi R. Ramli, Metusalach Metusalach, Nandi K. Sukendar


Snake-head fish bone is one of industrial fish processing waste which can be
used as a mineral source. However, the utilisation of fish bones in food
products has not been optimized. The aim of this research was to utilize
Snake-head fish bone for making cookies and to evaluate their chemical
properties and sensory acceptability of the product. Snake-head fish bone was
first steamed, dried, milled into powder then mixed with wheat flour and
other additional ingredients. The result showed that cookies which made from
SP-318 formula (20% Snake-head fish bone powder and 80% wheat flour)
were the best result for all sensory attributes. It presented like moderately for
the hedonic score. Protein, ash moisture, carbohydrate, and fat contents of the
SP-318 formula were 10.77%, 8.10%, 9.25 %, 44.23%, and 7.65%, Overall,
this study clearly showed that it was possible to make cookies which
supplemented by Snake-head fish bone powder and the product did not have
any negative results on sensory attributes.


Cookies; Snake-Head Fish Bone; Fish Waste Processing

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